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Having the ability to watch any movie online virtually free seems to suggest binging. Oddly, I rarely watch movies.

Firstly, most of the ‘Award Winners’ are nothing I want to see.   I read the blurb and, nah.  

Secondly, those few that I do attempt to watch often chase me within the first fifteen to thirty minutes.

For example, take ‘The Grey Man’.

This movie is so predicable, over done, and over acted that I couldn’t get past the thirty minute mark. From the beginning you know exactly what is going to happen as each scene begins. 

Whether the quality of movies has declined, which seems evident, or that they’ve run out of plots thirty years ago, is a good discussion.  However, the fact is, very few movies have anything worth seeing.

When it comes to television programs, a few have held my interest.

There was a time I watched sixteen different series.  This began to dwindle.

There’s the ‘choke on woke’  plot lines; i.e. Station 19 which is about same sex relationships though it pretends to be about a Fire Station.  The same is true for NCIS Hawaii, etc.

Then there’s the crap casting, the dull dialogue,  and my basic; ‘who cares?’ response.

When the season begins again I will watch Blue Bloods, the Rookie, NCIS LA, Resident Alien, Law & Order SVU and Organized Crime.   If Bridgerton, Gilded Age, The Crown is airing, I’ll watch them.

Simply put, having a buffet before me, I don’t have to lock in to any ‘main course.’


What do you think?

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