Scenes From Rosemary's Baby

Friday, 9.17.21

While watching Rosemary’s Baby again earlier this week, I noticed interesting scenes.

When Rosemary and her husband move into their new people, the satanic old couple neighbors become annoyingly nosey and suspiciously friendly, wanting to know everything about them at every moment. They often give Rosemary potions brewed from their herbs, which are obviously a form of witchcraft. 

They planned and orchestrated certain events for their rituals.

After dinner, they sent over a special chocolate mousse for Rosemary and her husband. The husband liked it, but Rosemary felt it had an chalky undertaste, in which she couldn’t eat it. Even though she threw most of it in the trash, she felt ill and dizzy, which was a preparation for the satanic ritual. But it didn’t affect her husband, even though he ate all the mousse dessert.

When Satan was raping Rosemary, a character that looked like Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis approached a lying down Rosemary, and told her that her feed need to be tied down to prevent convulsions. So, the naked Satanists in this group satanic rituals tied her feet down with a white sheet. Then, they stood around her in a circle while chanting satanic stuff for their ritual. They also painted on her naked chest with red blood, I think a pentagram and numbers. After satan raped her to impregnate her with the anti-christ, she wakes up with scratch marks around her shoulders. And, she knows right away that whatever raped her was inhuman. 

The old couple neighbors—the old man’s name was Roman Cassvettes. The movie director is Roman Polanski, and the actor playing Rosemary’s husband is John Cassevettes. I think Polanski is trying to say that everyone is connected in these satanic rituals. He probably knew about Sharon Tate’s murder with their unborn son because it was a satanic ritual. The first unborn son has to be sacrificed to Satan, even though this one wasn’t even born yet. I think Rosemary character is similar to Sharon Tate’s life because Sharon wanted to escape the cult to save her unborn baby, but the Manson Family came after her and killed her because no one can leave once they enter a satanic cult. 

Rosemary’s husband got an acting job after the original actor becomes blind all of the sudden. I think that was due to the satanic neighbors who helped her husband with his career by making the other actor blind. They also killed Rosemary’s old male friend Hutch because he was warning Rosemary about all the witches and satanic rituals in the industry. I think they also sacrificed a young woman, Terri, they found on the street and took her in. Polanski is noting that there isn’t any conincidence in the industry because everything is planned and carefully orchestrated for a particuluar outcome.


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