Saturday at SCP, sampling & browsing…

Saturday, 9.11.21

Another hot and humid day in September 2021. I decided to go to South Coast Plaza because indoor malls have AC.

I went by the Yellow Vase cafe to try their Affogato but the girl stated they don’t use ice cream with it anymore. So, I left. I went to Dripp cafe, and they had Affogato–espresso with vanilla ice cream for $6. That is more expensive than Yellow Vase. But Dripp is next door to Saks 5th Avenue department store as well as Macy’s Men Store. 

It was tasty. It tasted like espresso ice cream. 

I dropped by Bloomingdales to sample Nespresso flavors. They were out of Orafio. So, I tried another Italian flavor.

Autumn fashions at Bloomingdales…

I scratched my name on this Wall Art decor, adjacent to Saks 5th Avenue and across from Dripp. I enjoyed my Affogato at one of these cushioned seats agains the Wall Art. Can you find my name on the wall?

I also did a live instagram video of the young girls performing ballet on this black stage. I stayed until 3:30 pm, before deciding to go home. I noticed from the internet that the weather is 88-90 degrees outside. 


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