Rosemary's Baby and Rosemary's Baby Sequel Films

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

This video explains the 60s movie Rosemary’s Baby, which was also based on a book. It had to do with the declining morality in society, which is when society was literally moving downwards toward hell with all the dark movies and media promotions.

While listening to this video, I understand the video about Sharon Tate’s life, and how this movie was similar to Sharon Tate’s life in Hollywood.

While on Youtube, I decided to watch the 1976 Rosemary’s Baby Sequel movie. It is one hour and thirty minutes long. Patty Duke Astin plays the mother with her satanic son, Adrian. But his mother changes his name to Andrew. (I wonder if Sharon Tate saw the sequel when she was pregnant. It is no wonder she wanted out of the satanic cult before her baby was born). Tina Louise is also in this movie.

There is a weird satanic ritual for Adrian’s birthday, where his real father Guy joins this ceremony. Adrian wears a chain necklace with a pendant of an upside-down cross. He has facial makeup like a mime clown, which reminds me of Clockwork Orange.

He later ends up in a clinic because he was in a coma, and his aunt and friend died. They try to help him remember what happened that night. He tells the hospital his name is Andrew, not Adrian. He tries to run away, and they place him in a mental institution. The nurse helps him escape because he tells her he can prove he didn’t kill the people, but he knows who did. He wants to find Guy and Rosemary because he feels they had everything to do with what happened.

While Andrew and the blonde nurse were in a motel, Andrew goes outside, and a car tries to run over him to kill him, but Andrew fights back and the car turns over. Inside the car is Guy.

The blonde nurse is with the satanic couple controlling Andrew and his parents. She had taken Adrian to a motel to get pregnant with him and give birth to a satanic daughter. I am not sure what happens to Andrew at the end.


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