Rose McGowan Exposes Kamala Harris

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Rose McGowan exposes Kamala Harris for accepting past donations from Harvey Weinstein. Although I agree with this Youtuber that Rose McGowan is strange, as well as I was never into her work, it is interesting to see what other celebrities expose about certain people in the media.

Someone noted that Trump and his daughter had sent checks to Kamala Harris’ campaigns or Kamala had greedily cashed them?

Actually, I never liked her before. I remember when Kamala Harris was being promoted last year, I sent a video about Michael Harris, and I had written that he is the only Harris that makes sense any to me. This video is probably still posted on Virily somewhere.

So, I have a feeling Trump might make it for the second term because Kamala Harris and Kanye West would make even worse presidents, and I don’t trust any of them anyway.


What do you think?

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