Rigged Shows

According to this video, Olivia Jade was also involved in another scandal, which I have never even heard about before. She was on some quiz show with other social media youtubers, and another girl won, but it was later rigged to make sure that Olivia Jade would win.

I also remember Tyra Banks rigged that her contestant on ANTM, Saleisha win the episode. But everyone saw through the bullshit because Saleisha sucked and she wasn’t even attractive. I saw her in real life at a local mall fashion event, and her she didn’t even look like a model. She looked like an athlete, very muscular with short legs and long torso. Although I think she is 5 ft 10, I have longer legs than her legs, and I am only 5 ft 8. I remember a lot of media shows called out Tyra rigging Saleisha’s win.

I believed that most reality shows, like ANTM are rigged and staged, which is one reason that I stopped watching them. Reality shows have now become really corny and annoying, although they were interesting to watch before.


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