Retrograde Issues On Society: What's Next

Monday, October 19, 2020

A lot of retrograde energy creating issues for people. Retrograde energy is very stagnant. Things aren’t clear. It can hold people back from moving forward. Pull yourself backwards to see things clearly.  Find the path that is true to yourself in November.  Everything is being exposed. Elongate certain event or situation.  Fight the low frequencies created by the Cornyflu Plandemic so that will be doubt and become disconnected with others. Mercury Retrograde makes people be stagnant. Lots of things will pop up in October which will be difficult to handle. There will be changes. It might be hard to see the light. Stay true to yourself and be authentic. Happiness, fulfillment, and taking care of oneself are important to everyone. Work on being self-aware. Election night will bring a lot of issues. One common goal that will bring everyone together is the fight to end child trafficking.

Vedic Astrology.

In 2021, it will be better for everyone. There will be healing.

Masks is all about conditioning people for what’s to come next in the future.

While walking outside after 6 pm, I notice a large flock of black birds flying in one direction.  I am not sure where they were all flying to. It is not cold yet. So, they probably weren’t flying south yet for the winter. But, every year during October, I always notice millions of black birds in my neighborhood, all over the street and community park, waiting around for something, maybe someone’s sacrificial ritual because it is around Halloween Day, the satanic zionists’ favorite holiday for blood sacrifices, rituals, and mass murder. 


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