Resting Day

Thursday, 6.3.21

Last night, Gumby woke me up in the middle of the night, jumping around on everything to release energy from sleeping all day. I couldn’t sleep all night. So, this morning, I decided not to go to the gym. I woke up, fed him, and now he is napping. I relaxed and watched to French films–Apres Vous and Amelie–on the indie channel. I have seen Amelie before in the theater, when it first came out, which is probably during the 90s. It was fun, watching it again. They are both entertaining. 

I went on Facebook, and I heard about current news in Mexico. A little 5-year-old boy approached a wrestler in the street, and the wrestler pulled the kid by the arm, and savagely threw him across the street. I wonder what was behind this story, and if the wrestler and kid knew each other, or he just hated kids. Many people crowded around the incident and watched it happen, and it maded on the news. Other wrestlers want to get this wrestler kicked out for abusing this kid. 

This week must still be in Mercury Retrograde…


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