Professor Recommends an Interesting Book List

Sunday, January 9, 2022

This video is interesting because this man, Professor Hamamoto, talks about current political issues as well as listing some interesting books to read, which includes Ira Levin and Ronan Farrow. He also talks about getting the read truth is more than just googling information. It requires in-depth reading and research into the topic. He also displayed a book about the real Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and Global War on Democracy by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.  This book looks interesting. 

Oxford University and the New World Order association?

Ronan Farrow’s grandfather John Farrow was a famous figure in history, such as MI6 spy. Margaret O’Sullivan, Ronan’s grandmother, was in the old Tarzan movies. Ronan is with UNICEF.

B movies are crap movies, while A movies are little bit better. I am not sure what A and B movies are because I am more into independent movies.

I am interested in reading Ira Levin novels, but I already have too many books I need to finish. 


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