Productive Day

Friday, June 12, 2020

I got most of the backyard work done, filling up my green bin as well as two old trash cans with greenery and pine needles. There is still some residue left, which I plan to sweep later, maybe this weekend, to further clean the area.

I was so hot and sweaty that I went inside and finished the small carton of Vegan dark chocolate with peanut butter ice cream, made mostly of oat milk and coconut cream, as well as lemonade with spirulina smoothie.

At 5:30pm, I drove to Woodbridge for a walking meetup. Only 6 people showed up, although 11 people signed up. The weather was nice, sunny and breezy, and I noticed many people outside, enjoying the spring weather.  I walked 5 miles, 11,403 steps, and 2 floors. When I arrived home at 8 pm, it was still daylight.

I added some snapshots of the white butterfly by my townhouse. It looks like the sun is too bright because the white butterfly looks glowing in the sunshine.


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