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President Trump likely to dismiss Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein

White House has announced that Deputy Attorney General Road Rosenstein will meet President Donald Trump on Thursday. After which these speculative statements have been stressed that President Trumpet is going to retire Rosenstein from his post.

The American newspaper ‘New York Times’ claimed in a report last week, that Road Rosenstein had suggested suggestions in some meetings with high officials last year and suggested to remove them from their post through the 25th constitutional amendment.

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Road Rosenstein has denied this news, white House and President Trump did not react to this news, but it was speculated that after this news it is strongly convinced that President will dismiss Rosenstein from his post. White House on Monday spoke  on the issue for the first time and in a statement, that President Trump will meet Deputy Attorney General in White House on Thursday.

White House spokesman Sarah Senderz said in a statement, On the request of Rosenstein, President Trump has made a brief statement about the recent news issue. According to the statement that President Trumpp is in New York to attend the UN General Assembly meeting and is very busy with the scheduled meetings with the world leaders. It has been found that President Trump will meet Rosenstein on Thursday after returning to Washington DC

Some American media have claimed on monday that Rosenstein discusses the possibility of resigning with the president while other’s media person claim that Rosenstein has refuse from resignation, and he insist that he will leave the position at the time when trump will dismissed him.

Rosenstein serves as the second highest rank of US Department of Justice since April 2017.

Point to be noted, Mr Rosenstein given the responsibility to Robert Muller for investigation of Russian intervention in the President Trump election campaign, and as Deputy Attorney General, he is monitoring these investigations. Because of these investigations, the President Trump is confused and in the past many times have directly criticized  Rosenstein and his boss Attorney General Jeff Sessions.


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