Predictions for June 2020: More Media Wars, Chaos & Censorship

Thursday, June 4, 2020

I checked out this Vedic Astrologer’s predictions for June 2020. She talks about more chaos, information wars, and censorship in society.

June 2020 will be a narrative for the rest of the year. It was a built up from the last five months of One World Lockdown, Cornyflu Plandemic, and house arrest, which put everyone in a meditative mode about the current situation. In the process, more people awakened, realizing they need to fight back for their freedom and rights.

Many events will explode everywhere, which will reveal many things. The government and many people will continually be exposed, which is about how other people treat others and accountability. Many people will be irrational. Many people will experience nervousness, distorted thoughts and anxiety because situations will feel extreme.

The protests will continue to occur, all over the world, because everyone is sick of corrupt government and their lies.

Information wars is about communications in the media, where different medium will have a war with each other, attacking one another. Don’t listen to shit on TV because all the networks will attack each other.  TV is brainwashing people, and many people are becoming even more sick of the bullshit.

Censorship in social media, technology, and information wars, where they plan to impose shutting down sites to silence people. This will continue on…

People will work through issues spiritually. Connection with God, praying, and meditation.

New discovery in science and medicine will be revealed.

More chaos by end of June, creating a big divide in USA.

USA Zionist-occupied government is exposing its own corruption, and people will fight back.

More disclosure, exposing the whole government and more scandals. People will see the truth in everything.

it is important to expand oneself within the restrictions. Awakening will continue. More people will expose the truth online. More creativity.

Media and government will be transformed profusely.

Physical activity and physical work to achieve balance in one’s life.

It will be chaotic but not scary. Keep your faith in God for protection.


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