Predictions About Businesses

Sunday, 7.11.21

The follow two videos in this post is about psychic predictions on a “big tech secret meeting” and the Haiti situation. I haven’t heard much about Haiti since Kate Spade’s murder because she wanted to expose the Clintons in Haiti. But this prediction is about Haiti president’s assassination. 

A secret meeting in Idaho to discuss business strategies…


Haiti president was assassinated violently? His partner flew to America? He wasn’t assassinated. They got something on him, and he isn’t happy about it. They will offer him a deal for his information. Hunting ground in Haiti. Bill Clinton’s involvement.

Youtube censorship continues…

Trump’s lawsuit, suing Twitter. Will it be successful? Yeah, but it will take a while. They are going after the media deep state people. It will be rewarding to many youtubers who have been censored.

Spiritual War and astral warfare.

Big shortage on food. Weather manipulation so people cannot grow their own food.

Will there be justice? Blowing up many things. Eventually, they will be caught. There was a roundup.

Secret trial. It will take a while but it will be worth it, because everyone will be enlightened. Truthers are involved in exposing it.

Walt Disney was a freemason into satanic rituals with kids.


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