Welcome to 2018! Thank you all for supporting my channel over the past nearly 2 years. I’m happy that you guys enjoyed the Space Opera CGI teaser. More to come on that! Here’s my outline for how I want things to proceed:

1: Videos will premiere first on Patreon starting on February 16th where my work can be supported for $1 per video. 1 week later, the same video will arrive on PopChest for 5 cents per video. 1 week after that, you’ll see the video on YouTube for free.

My PopChest page

2: I’ll be streaming on YouTube and Twitch in the not too distant future. There will be 3 kinds of streams; Animation, Gaming, and Live Premieres of new videos.

My Twitch page

3: I’m working on a new animated series called The After Party that’s inspired by Total Drama Island. More info on that later.

4: My Facebook page dedicated to It’s A Trapp Productions is gone. My main social media pages will just be:

Special Thanks to Brandon Tuttle for the 3D Pantheon ship model! Follow Brandon’s Instagram


What do you think?

Written by Alexander Trapp

Screenwriter, gamer, kinda 2D/3D Animator. Founder of It's A Trapp! Productions. Let's go on a journey! I retweet a lot.