Playing Him Like a Piano – part 27

Kat knew, when Jerry asked if she liked basketball,  he was searching for some kind of ‘common interest’.

She couldn’t care less about sports but said brightly, “Oh yes, do you?”

“How ya mean?”  he replied in pure Yard, and began to talk about matches, players, and his interest going back to diaper days.

She ate her small portion of left overs, appearing to hang on his every word.  He went on and on and then asked if she’d like to go to a game.

She played over joyed, her mouth dropping open, her eyes wide, “Oh Yes!” she exclaimed.

Jerry told her he had bought tickets for the game tomorrow, and she pretended she was avid.

She finished her food, washed the dishes, cleaned up the kitchen.  He went back to the sofa.

(And it begins) she thinks to herself.


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Written by jaylar

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