Pink is the New Red, This December 2021

Challenge 3 in Yoworld’s December challenge is a Fashion Challenge—Pink is the New Red. Dress cozy, warm, and pink, filled with fluffy and fuzzy texture in your home sweet home for this winter.

My first avatar received 4.2 on her pink outfit. She is platinum blonde, wearing a fluffy hat and fingerless mittens, pink shirt with pretty bows, pink shoes and jacket, as well as pastel plaid skirt, pink pleather designer purse, pink fanny pack, pink rose prop, and pink makeup. Her kitty plays with a pink yarn ball.

My second avatar received 4.3 on her outfit. She is also a platinum blonde, but she has shorter hair. She wears a pink sweater, pink pants, pink oxfords, and rose gold tree earrings. She also has a pink pleather purse, pink pumpkin prop, pink candy cane prop, and pink makeup. She adds a white fluff coat, fluffy earmuffs, and beanie with two white pompoms, as well as two off-white scarves. She enjoys a cup of hot chocolate drink.

Which December Pink is the New Red outfit do you prefer?


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