Perception – Neuropositive: Part 1

“Neuropositive” is episode seven of season two of Perception. Kate is at work, setting up a profile on a dating website. Another woman thinks that Kate is too cynical – given that she has put that jerks, cheaters and misogynist pigs need not apply. The woman someone for Kate to meet; a terminal cancer patient at a hospice who wants to report a crime before he dies. Kate goes to see the patient, Phil Carlson. He wants to report a murder, an old one from 1992. He doesn’t know who was killed and he isn’t sure exactly where it happened. The only thing he does know is that he did it.

Kate goes to see Daniel. She tells him that Phil Carlson worked for the city filling potholes, but in his past, he did a number of small-time bank jobs in Iowa, Illinois and Indiana in 1992. Yes, the statute of limitations is up on bank jobs – but not on murder. Carlson things he ran over a young girl, but was hopped up on meth at the time and doesn’t really remember anything. He’s also dying of terminal brain cancer, and the tumour could affect his memory or give him delusions. Kate wants Daniel to see if Carlson could be telling the truth.

They head to see Carlson’s doctor, Dr Hutchins. He gave Carlson five months, but Carlson quit chemo. Daniel can’t see the tumour affecting memory or making Carlson delusional. He also wants to speak to Carlson and get another brain scan.

Carlson says he didn’t remember the accident until a week later. He convinced himself it didn’t happen, at the time, but he knows he killed her; he still remembers the sound. All he can remember is long blonde hair and blood.

Daniel returns home to find his mother there. When he asks Lewicki about it, Lewicki mentions that Daniel said his mother had passed. Kate arrives; there are 13 unsolved bank jobs from the time, and an unsolved vehicular homicide. Of a boy. Not a girl. However, the boy had long blonde hair.

When Daniel and Kate return to the hospice, Carlson is out of bed, packing, and looks a lot better. He now says he never killed anyone. Carlson’s wife, Pam, arrives, and asks her husband if he told them the good news. The cancer is gone. No wonder Carlson doesn’t want to talk about it.

To be continued…


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