Perception – Lovesick: Part 1

“Lovesick” is episode six of season one of Perception and Daniel is lecturing on whether free will exists. He knocks some papers onto the floor from Lewicki’s desk and asks if he did it on purpose. Lewicki is pretty sure that he did. He asks if free will is an illusion, are they all just meat packets? Answer next class. Dean Haley enters afterwards and starts flattering Daniel. Haley wants something – for Daniel to attend the Chicago Science Foundation Gala next Friday. Daniel is not interested. Haley wants Daniel there because Jonathan Bannister’s widow will be there. Haley had been playing golf with Bannister and had got a verbal commitment from him to fund the new Life Science building. Bannister thoughtlessly died of a heart attack before anything was put in writing. His widow is a fan of Daniel. Daniel has more important things to do – when Kate turns up he is feeding the pigeons outside. She wants to know if he wants to help bring down a big bad insurance company. Who are perhaps guilty of murder.

An Anjay Patel was suffering from severe depression and was suicidal. His insurance company, Genstar, allowed him one whole day of hospitalisation. He was then recommended as an outpatient to a psychiatrist, Dr Julian Corvis. Who treated Sanjay for four sessions before saying he was cured. The next day Sanjay was found hanging in his closet. Dr Corvis won’t be treating any more patients – he was found dead in his office, shot in the face with a .38. The Patels had started wrongful death suits against Corvis and Genstar, and alerted the U.S. Attorney’s Office, who had started an investigation. The FBI approached Corvis and he agreed to testify on one condition – total immunity.

Kate has not been assigned to the murder investigation, only the wrongful death suit. She needs to find out what was in Corvis’ medical files to see what he was going to say about Genstar. She can’t look herself; she needs a knowledgeable and impartial third party to review the files and report what Corvis was going to tell the U.S. Attorney without revealing personal information. Daniel. Kate isn’t looking into the murder because her boss has told her she keeps stepping outside her circle of responsibility. So she will stay inside the circle.

When they arrive at Corvis’ office, Daniel sees a man in a black SUV wearing dark sunglasses and staring at him. Unsurprisingly, Daniel writes it off as a hallucination. The seal to the office was broke and Kate finds Mrs Corvis inside the office. Kate takes the widow home and Daniel reviews the files. When Kate returns, he says that Corvis was ‘curing’ Genstar patients of serious disorders in a few sessions. Patients from other providers needed 30-40. Clearly he was being paid off. Daniel has found something else though – patients being treated for transformational dopamine deficiency. A disorder that isn’t in the Diagnostical Statistical Manual, and everyone paid cash. Kate tells him it’s outside the circle. They have the evidence they need.

To be continued…


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