Party in Your California Desert Backyard

Thursday, May 12, 2022

I woke up alert today, as I eagerly started my morning routine to go to my morning gym workout. I drove out the garage at 9:15am, driving five miles to the Costa Mesa Metro area, where there is still a 24-Hour gym survivor left. The other 24-Hour gyms that I used to go to closed down, and some closed down because of 2020 bankruptcy issues. I did one hour of Silversneakers class, which is mostly light yoga, dumbbell, and small-ball strengthening workout. Instead of a mat, the class uses a chair for support. Then, I went downstairs to the spa area for a couple of minutes inside the steam room and sauna. I ended my workout with fifteen minutes of cycling.

I arrived home to enjoy a smoothie—Chocolate/Peanut Butter plant-based KOS powder with chunks of pineapple, blended smooth inside a blender. It tasted good.

Yoworld’s Challenge 4 is Luxurious Wilderness in the California desert, USA, at a modern skyscraper home, which has a mirrored front. First avatar received a 4.6; California elites at this Palm Springs desert are having a party, celebrating Yoworld’s Happy Anniversary. Her mirrored modern house is decorated with simple banners, and her friends enjoy a picnic luncheon with cozy pillows, amongst succulents, cacti, and other California native plants. There also appears to be a desert hiking trail for avatars interesting in stretching their legs and burning some calories after their meal. My avatar is wearing a blue beanie, mostly to cover her already messy hair from the windy weather.

My second avatar also received 4.6 on her California desert yard décor. This modern home with mirrored building exterior has a small rooftop pool amidst an arid desert, filled with cacti, succulents, and California native plants. There also appears to be a hiking trail throughout this desert gated community. The residents of this home are Spaniards and their American spouses. They even have a bartender. There is also a modern pool table and a firepit for cool evenings in the desert. My avatar is the platinum blonde with the beige beanie, relaxing on a black recliner by a cozy fire.

Which California desert modern home do you prefer?


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