Oscars 2022 EXPOSED

Monday, April 4, 2022

This video looks deeper into the Oscars 2022.

The audience was much smaller, and the auditorium looked more like a nightclub lounge area, seating few invited VIPs.

Three women hosted the Oscars this year. They promoted certain minorities and their issues to the viewers.

The usual celebrities weren’t at the awards. I just noticed Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, Will and Jada Smith, and few others. Beyonce performed.

Will Smith was exposing the powers of CGI?

Pfizer was sponsoring the Oscars to promote a new vaccine coming out. I guess they haven’t already killed enough and they want to kill off more for their agenda…

It is obviously fake because the whole thing didn’t make sense, and now they cannot stop talking about it for their promotion agenda.

Hollywood is now a ghost town, and the industry is desperate for viewership. No one is following any of these gay-ass celebrities, and many are having a hard time finding work and moving into job alternatives. It was all preplanned. Parts were pre-filmed as well as CGI was used for trickery.

It involved a lot of hard work to pull off this bullshit. Many films were also pre-filmed because the industry and celebrities suck ass.

A big winner—Coda—was actually streamed on Netflix?

The three women hostesses had to do with promoting feminine energy. They overdid it with overpromoting shit.

Chris Rock and Will Smith bullshit? End of the industry signaling? Waking up the sleepers TV audience? Something big is coming soon. Everyone knew about this preplanned bullshit.

Jada really did have the health issue, which showed up when her daughter was born.

Small movies are more likely to be popular nowadays. Big movies and big-name celebrities fucking suck, and everyone knows it now.

This Oscars wasn’t live? Pre-taped with lame promos for entertainment purposes. But they keep it longer and make it simple and basic for few fans who are used to watching it.

Clean up or die? That is the inevitable question…


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