Not 'Me Too'

In a Court Room, regardless of the case, the evidence presented, the witness giving it, must have some credibility.

In Criminal Trials, the evidence given must be beyond a reasonable doubt. In Civil Trials it must be on a balance of probabilities.

Where the evidence does not reach the standard, the State or the Plaintiff loses.

Amber Heard wrapped herself in the garb of the ‘abused woman’, and despite the absence of proof, assumed she would get a seat on the Me Too train.  She assumed, considering the political climate, that the Court would, virtually automatically, find in her favour.

What ended her tirade was the lie she told about Johnny Depp pushing Kate Moss down a flight of steps.

Why she put that into her narrative sent the signal to me that she didn’t have a case, she was grabbing  bits and pieces to make a case out of straw.

When Kate Moss denied that Johnny Depp ever pushed her down a flight of steps or abused her, the credibility of Amber Heard tumbled down to the basement.  Simply put, if  Heard told me it was raining, I would go to the window to look for myself.

To try to link this case to real cases where women were abused was a foul and evil act by Heard.  She wants to see herself as a victim, wants to get attention.  The public now sees a dishonest attention seeker who sought to exploit a serious issue for her own ego.


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Written by jaylar

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