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Norbert Leclercq – Belgian composer Guitar Method Book

Last night, I met Norbert Leclercq after a hiatus of 20 years!  He still looks the same, and has a funny sense of humor. My husband David Orbach (look him up on Google) used to study with Norbert.  Norbert has a pioneered a method of learning the guitar that starts on the 5th fret.  This is interesting because of a number of factors.  First, most students learn only the notes and chords at the first fret and forget the rest of the guitar.

Secondly, if you start on the 5th fret, you can get a good quality full size guitar even for an 8 year old.  Why do you have to change guitars?  I started on a 3/4 size and then when I was given a full size guitar, I didn’t like it.  the strings were too far apart and it wasn’t confortable.

It can be very expensive to buy two guitars.  Best to get a good quality one that will last a long time and has a better tone than a 3/4 which usually are poorly made and fall apart very quickly.

If you live in Jerusalem, I will be able to teach you using this method.!

See you in Guitar Class!


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