New Year's Eve 2021 Workout

Friday, 12.31.21, New Year’s Eve 2021

Today was a beautiful sunny day, with blue skies and bright sunshine. I started out my day with a gym workout at 9:22am. I walked on the treadmill–the Chamonix France trail–for 52 minutes and 6 seconds, burning 652 calories. It was around 3.46 miles. I cycled a little bit as well as relaxing in the steam room and sauna. 

I returned home at 11:30am, energized. 

Then, at 6pm, I went to the Woodbridge walking meetup, walking 5.2 miles, 1 floor, and 12,675 steps. 

I returned home at 8 pm to watch the NYE countdown to 2022 with a bowl of popcorn and my cat Gumby. 


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