New Jersey firefighters save a young girl from drowning in a pool

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Talk about being in the right place and the right time. The Jersey City Fire Department officials were at the Lafayette Pool in Jersey City to speak with the youngsters that they can trust their local firefighters and police officers to attend to their needs.

11 year old Tatiana Vazquez was swimming in the pool when suddenly she was having a seizure that rendered her unable to continue swimming in the pool.

The lifeguard who was the pool managed to gain the attention of the Jersey City firefighters by blowing his whistle and going to attend the needs of Tatiana who was in danger of drowning.

Jersey City firefighters Mark Lee and Christopher Bolger assisted the lifeguard and Tanya Vazquez who is the mother of Tatiana to get out of the swimming pool where they were assisted by Fire Captain Kenneth Simone and firefighter Kevin O’ Brien who gave Tatiana some oxygen so she could breathe once again.

An ambulance arrived at the Lafayette Swimming pool to take Tatiana and her mother to a local hospital to give Tatiana an IV and discharge her from the hospital in a few hours to return home with her mother who appreciated the work of the firemen to assist her daughter when she needed their help.

What makes this story interesting is that the Jersey City firefighters are required to learn how to apply first aid to a person who is in need of their assistance during a crisis.

The firefighters passed their test in saving the life of Tatiana Ortiz on the same day they are in the pool area to educate the youngsters that firefighters are there when they are needed.


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