Neon City, Downtown Virtual Reality

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Neon City has an electric feel, on Yoworld.

My first avatar receives 4.1 rating on the busy citylife area, where people walk their dog and enjoy the street food. It appears to be nighttime, although the bright neon lights and city lights have illuminated the downtown area to almost daylight. In this scene, my avatar has long blonde hair, and she wears a light blue jelly outfit and snorkel because she has a rooftop swimming pool. She is taking a break from her rooftop party.

My second avatar received 4.0 rating on her neon city décor. It has the same busy downtown city lifestyle, but slightly different. My avatar is wearing a light blue cutout bathing suit in this scene. She is socializing in the downtown area with her friends and their dogs.

Which Downdown Neon City would you rather live at?


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