NCIS: Los Angeles – Touch of Death

“Touch of Death” is episode twenty-one of season three of NCIS: Los Angeles and the second part of a crossover story. In the Hawaii Five-0 episode, “Pa Make Loa”, Sam and Callen headed to Hawaii to help after Danny called and told them they had discovered Dracul Comescu was on the island. This was related to a deadlier version of smallpox that had been created and Dracul Comescu was stopped and killed. Unfortunately, the vials he had on him – which he clearly believed contained smallpox – contained nothing of the sort. The doctor who had been running the trial, who had already disappeared, had left the island and already arrived in LA. With the smallpox.

The episode opens with a plane landing and one of the flight attendants knocks on a toilet door, telling the occupant they are on final approach. There is no answer, and she tells another attendant that the woman has been in there for a while. The other gets the key and opens the door. Inside, the woman is quite dead, with blood trailing from her eyes and nose.

Eric is telling someone about the suspect that they are looking for but is told the plane has already landed. Nell is having problems communicating with Callen. Eric finally hits the computer. Which works. Callen is on a plane with Sam, Danny and Chin; Danny is not jumping out of an aeroplane, in answer to Sam’s suggestion. Danny also asks about Callen’s blood feud. It’s a Romany thing. Nell and Eric finally through and tell them the plane is not secured.

Kensi and Deeks are at the airport and are told that the passengers have already deplaned. They are asked if it’s about the passenger who died. They were waiting to move the body until everyone else was off. The two state they need to see the body. Sharon Walker, travelling with the missing doctor, Jarrod Prodeman. Smallpox could apparently make her bleed out like that. The flight attendant asks if they could be in trouble. Probably not, but everyone will be checked on.

Nell and Eric have found out that Walker and Prodeman were staying in the same hotel in Hawaii. That’s about the only connection. Hetty believes Prodeman travelled with Sharon as a distraction. Kensi and Deeks are at baggage control, but Eric finally finds the missing Prodeman. He never went to baggage control. He’s already left the airport in a taxi.

Eric’s computer simulation of the worst-case scenario is bad. Prodeman’s history is gone into again, but they need to know who was paying for his work. He was broke and spent the last few months in Hawaii with no apparent income. Callen and Sam arrive with Danny and Chin and introductions are made.

Hetty has a word with Callen and Sam; if the media finds out, this would cause a panic. But, at some point, the public will need to be warned for their own safety. Until then, they can do whatever it takes to resolve this. Kensi has found out where Prodeman’s taxi dropped him off. They also have an address for Sharon. First, Deannie, Chin and Deeks need to be vaccinated against smallpox. Hetty needs to learn how to administer a vaccination more delicately.

Deeks is still complaining as he and Kensi arrive at Sharon Walker’s house. He accuses her of flirting with the cute new boys. When they knock on the door, Sharon Walker answers it. Well, actually her twin sister, Carol.

Callen is suggesting that Sam slow down so they don’t lose Chin and Danny. Sam is sure if they can follow a suspect, they can follow him. Callen replies that they live on an island. Sam points out that they are still cops. This leads to Callen suggesting they retire to a nice warm island. Sam can bring his family. At the hotel, Prodeman’s room is empty and he had only reserved it for one night. However, Prodeman is walking towards the hotel as they are standing outside. He runs and Chin and Sam chase him down.

When questioned, Prodeman is claiming he thought they were stealing drug research. Sharon was on the island celebrating her cancer’s remission. She must have relapsed. He panicked. However, they have a recording of him talking about the tests he was doing on the subjects he killed. So, his claims do not stand up. Five murders through a bioterrorist attack on U.S. citizens is the death penalty. Prodeman also has an envelope of cash, given to him by a Dr Rachel Holden. Who turns out to be an epidemiologist at the Malibu Cancer Institute.

Danny and Deeks are sparring with each other, because both have very distinctive hairstyles. To the extent that both Chin and Kensi want them to stop. It seems that there are a lot of people involved in this smallpox deal who are not getting what they paid for. Because Dr Holden is a complete nutter.


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