My Friday Walks

Friday, 2.21.20

Today’s weather was nice, in the 70s. It felt like summertime. At around 3 pm, I went walking at the UCI campus to check out something on campus. I returned home at a little after 4 pm. At around 5:10 pm, I decided to go to the walking meetup. I noticed my car had raindrops on it, even though the ground looked dry. It was probably one of these 5-minute rain. As I was driving in traffic, it rained again for 5 minutes. It was mostly dry, but it sprinkles occasionally for 5 minutes now and then, and it stopped. As we were walking our usual route, some areas were dry and some areas were wet. I arrived home at 8:04pm. I noticed that I had walked 7.4 miles, 16,738 steps, and 3 floors. 

I changed my clothes, drank a cup of detox herb tea and a cup of golden latte–in which i used coconut water, coconut oil, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, black pepper, and cardamom. 


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