My Dream TreeHouse Challenge Rooms in Yoworld

Saturday, 5.29.21

This week Yoworld room challenge is Dream Tree House Décor in a dense forest, near Tabacon, Costa Rica. I received 4.3/5.8 voting score on my first avatar décor challenge. I decorated it into a cozy hangout in nature, where my avatar and her friends can enjoy their meals and drinks outside with nature. She has her personal waiter and waitress to serve food and drinks. I don’t see my avatar here. She might be behind the thick vines on the left, wearing a white sunhat. This area looks denser with more vines than the second one.

My second avatar’s challenge room for the Dream Tree House Challenge in Costa Rica looks more boho, with 2 waiters and 2 waitresses. I received a 3.8/5.8 voting score. My avatar is hiding on the left, behind greenery vines and the yummy fruit stand. She is wearing a red visor. Her friends are enjoying different gourmet health foods, of course, vegan, at different tables. One is enjoying hot cacao with a vegan cookie. There is also some coffee at the center table.  This 2nd challenge room got a lower score.

The décor for both rooms is slightly different, but I think they both have the cozy and casual boho vibes, catered by servants. Which hangout do you prefer, if this was a real place?


What do you think?

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