Music Performance at the University

Thursday, 9.30.21

At 6:30p, I walked across the street to the UC Irvine campus, and toward the Mesa Court dorms, which is next to the Fine Arts buildings. As I arrived near the dorms, I saw a large lizard cross my path. It looked cool. 

I entered the Winifred Smith Hall at 7 pm, and I was given a mask because students have to wear a mask indoors. The Indian singer talked to the audience about her background for the first 45 minutes. Then, the band went back stage to get ready to perform. Amirtha Kidambi’s Elder Ones performed until 9:30 pm. It was different and interesting. There are four people in this band. There were a lot of people in the audience. 

As I walked home, I noticed there was a lot of traffic in the area. I returned home at 10 pm. 


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