Memorial Day 2020 Lockdown Insights

Monday, May 25, 2020

After watching the two-hour video, I decided to summarize key points for my Lockdown Insights post.

Luciferians are killing their celebrities at a younger age than the 27 Club. Some are now teens, while some are killed off in their 50s, like Luke Perry. Yeah, true, I can feel some celebrities were killed off, even if I am not familiar with that celebrity, and I am not a psychic.

Empath can feel other people’s energy and feelings easily, which affect them emotionally.

Sunshine, nature, and outdoor yoga are good for grounding oneself.

Most people at LA beaches weren’t wearing their cornyflu plandemic muzzle. People in OC are 50/50, half do and half don’t.

Her friend Estelle at Fashion Week, performing her clothing line Jafra.

The homeless are disappearing…I am assuming they are placed in FEMA camps, but hopefully they are being helped.

Pile 1: trapped in fear because of anxiety issues. Afraid you aren’t going to be able to fulfill what you want to do in life. Rethink what you are doing and then work on it in a different way. Focus on not being afraid and move in a different direction. You will achieve your goals. You will have a work offer. Then, you will have relaxation and fun time.

Pile 2: have patience with what you are planning. Spiritual elevation and awakening. It is a spiritual journey. You might be experiencing something you don’t like into order to spiritually elevate. Balancing of energy. Spiritual information about a lover who is coming to you. Someone is happy and someone is upset.

Pile 3: pregnancy or pregnant with creative ideas? Someone is jealous of your ideas. Solitude in order to meditate and figure out what you need to do with your creative ideas. Patience and money from these ideas. Pissed someone off, and want to get them back. You will get back together. Spiritual connection and romantic connection.


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