Meet Charles Manson's sons…wives…lovers…

Saturday, 8.28.21

I delve into the Rabbit Hole to check out videos about Matthew Roberts because I thought he was the only son of Charles Manson. But I found out that Charles Manson had 5 sons, which makes sense because he was a sex addict and often had LSD sex orgies with his minions. He was also married and divorced twice. 

#1 Meet Charles Manson’s son, Matthew Roberts

Meet Charles Manson’s son—Matthew Roberts. He was adopted and didn’t know his real parents. He was a musician like his real father. His girlfriend’s mother dated Roman Polanski.

He was conceived in an LSD sex orgy with the Manson family and Charles Manson. He has the same eyes, hair, and nostrils as his father.

He states that Charlie never talked about the black/white race war. They had something against the Folgers’ family.

Mastermind with mind control power? Sounds like MK-Ultra mind control training as an assassin for the CIA.

#2 Charles Manson’s other sons…and wives…and lovers…

Who were Charles Manson Jr, Charles Luther Manson, and Valentine Michael Manson? But, wait, there are more? Via research, I am aware of 5 sons.

Mary Theresa Brunner named her son Valentine Michael Manson, but he goes by Michael Brunner.

Charles Manson Jr’s mother was Rosalie Jean Willis, who was 15 when she married 20-year-0ld Charlie in 1955. After his mother remarried, he took his stepfather’s name Charles White.

In 1959, Charlie Manson married his second wife, Leona Rae “Candy” Stevens. She was the mother of Charles Luther Manson.

Catherine “Gypsy” Share gave birth of her son Paul in jail. Paul lived in foster homes and Christian homes. He didn’t know about his connection to Charles Manson until he was 14.

So, it sounds like Matthew Roberts is his other son. His real mother had named him Lawrence Alexander, and he was a product of rape. It sounds like his mother was Diane “Snake” Lake.

Later, 17-year-old Afton Elaine “Star” Burton left her home in Bunker Hill, Illinois in 2007.  By 26, she was engaged to Charlie Manson. He was 80. She was attracted to him because of his interest in the environment.  Charles Manson died at 83 in prison. His fans sent him money and gifts. Charles Manson was making little voodoo dolls in prison of certain people who convicted him in order to sick needles in them and torture them.

#3 Charles Manson’s minion, Dianne Lake, tells her story (Matthew Roberts’ real mother)

An interview with Diane "Snake" Lake, who was one of the young teenagers at the Manson Family ranch. She was only 14. The drugs assisted in controlling their actions. But she was introduced to drugs by her own father—marijuana and acid. She appears to be a wild teenager, into drugs as well as very sexually active. A year later, she realized Charles Manson was actually very violent, not the hippie dude she thought he was, when he suddenly violently raped her.  She was also diagnosed with schizophrenia and was in a mental hospital.

Beetles’ album affected Manson’s action to start the black/white Helter Skelter revolution.

I have a strong feeling she is Matthew Roberts' real mother, Diane "Snake" Lake, who was raped in a LSD sex orgy. She named her son, Lawrence Alexander Manson, but he was adopted to a Swedish mother and German father, and was raised as Matthew Roberts.


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