Matthew Perry Energy Reading

Black Friday, 11.24.23

Matthew Langford Perry was born August 19, 1969, 4:47AM, in Williamstown, Massachusetts. He is a double Leo—in sun and rising, but he has Scorpio moon. He died on October 28, 2023 at his LA house at 54.

Spiritual ceremony to bind him to his career when he made his wish to become famous. When he got his wish, nothing changed and he felt empty inside. It didn’t improve his situation.

He was aware about his sudden death about three months before he died, but didn’t know exactly what day it would be. Early childhood pelvic damage had created the damage in his body, and he was abused early on in his life, which created a pelvic trauma.

He had trauma in stomach area, which make sense because he had stomach issues because of his addictions.

He was trying to free himself at the end of his life from everything he did in the past. He knew the wrong people, and he didn’t know who to trust. Most people around him weren’t on his side, and they were out to get him.

He didn’t drown. His body was messed up, but it didn’t kill him.

His mother still doesn’t understand what happened. The men in her life aren’t trustworthy.


They never let celebs keep their money, even after they die.

It wasn’t a natural time of death. It sounds like he was taken out because of his contract he made to become famous was finished, and he had to go. They could make more off him dead than alive.


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