Mark Ruffalo Actor of Hulk is ‘fired’ for revealing the title of ‘The Avengers 4’

“Mark, you’re fired.” They were the words of the brothers Anthony and Joe Russo, directors of the next film in the saga of ‘The Avengers’ (‘Avengers’ in English), after the actor Mark Ruffalo, who plays the Hulk, revealed the supposed official title of the tape.

Ruffalo leaked the news while being interviewed by journalist Jimmy Fallon, host of the show ‘ The Tonight Show Starring ‘. However, before the program was released on October 5, the actor asked Fallon on Twitter to “cut” the segment of the disclosure because it was something “unofficial” and could “get into trouble “


Even Mark himself  responded to the Russo brothers’ message: “Guys, can we talk about this?” .

Fortunately, and according to several American media , it is a joke that managed to scare more than one Internet user. Anyway, this did not prevent Twitter user Anton Volkov from examining the beep of censorship to discover that what Mark Ruffalo said was something like “The Last Avenger”.


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Written by Saeed Ahmed

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