Magic or Magick?

Monday, July 6, 2020

A man, Zachary King, started playing around with magic at 15-year-old, and it eventually led to the devil. He later met likeminded people, and it looked normal, safe, and fun. But it was actually a satanic covenant. They made it fun to recruit kids, and he had to do 13 things before he signed a contract in blood, and was baptized in satanism. He had to take a bath in blood and urine.

Magic is harmless, but Magick is satanic.

He was sexually assaulted by a woman in the satanic group when he was 12. And, then they put him into kiddie porn. He stopped at 16 because he was getting to old for child porn. But when he was 14, he participated in a sex orgy in order to perform an abortion afterwards.

He later got into Satanist World Church. They have huge meetings. He met high priests and high priestesses. He joined this church at 18. He became High Wizard at 21. During his first year, he has to go to the Bohemian Grove. Jobs include cremation and magick spells on certain people. There is open homosexuality at Bohemian Groves.

Anyone who is rich and powerful goes to Bohemian Groves, such as presidents, politicians, and celebrities. Nixon, Reagan, George Bush Sr and Jr, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Barrack Obama.

Easter is actually a ritualist sacrifice. It has nothing to do with religion or Jesus.

Wiccan is about in light and white magic because they worship mother earth. But they use dark magic against someone attacking them.

Satanists worship Satan when they do magick.

Halloween is a big satanic sacrifice day, and they start kidnapping people before October 31st to perform their sacrifices.

After 20 years, he got tired of it. He entered a Baptist Church to break it up with gossip or a scandal. He was married, and they both practiced magick and new age. A woman converted him into Catholicism. He started to go to church with his wife.


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