Luke Perry, Dead at 52

Sunday, March 10, 2019

I woke up early, at 5:30 am, but realized that it was actually 6:30 pm because of the daylight saving time change. So, after I fed Gumby, I changed he microwave time. It was still dark at 6:30 am. I ate my breakfast, browsed on the internet, and then took a short nap.

After the Climax movie, some people decided to go out to eat dinner at Mendocino Farms. I bought a Vegan banh mi sandwich, which was good and filling. I noticed it is getting dark now at around 7:00 pm. I returned home at 8:00 pm, changed my clothes, made a cup of French Press nitrogen coffee, and relaxed in front of my computer. I went on Youtube, and the first video I noticed was the announcement of Luke Perry’s death. I was shocked of his dead because he was popular during the 90s in Beverly Hills 90210. He is only two years younger than me, but he has two adult kids with his first wife, and engaged to marry his current girlfriend.

Luke Perry died at 52 from massive stroke on March 4th, 2019. He was mostly known for his role in Beverly Hills 90210.  This video notes that he died on the same day that during the same time the plan to create a new Beverly Hills series. According to this video, he didn’t want to do it on a regular, full-time basis. He just wanted to do some episodes. I used to watch Beverly Hills 90210, as well as Melrose Place, during the 90s. I didn’t realize Luke Perry was 52. I remember he married an accountant, and they had kids, but eventually they divorced. I remember Shannen Doherty was battling cancer. And, Tori Spelling has many kids with her husband McDermott, who keeps cheating on her.

Keith Flint of Prodigy band also died on March 4th, 2019. I am not sure who this actor is.

The video goes on to explain their death through gematria, which is mostly numerology that the Illuminati uses to perform certain witchcraft magic tasks. I don’t really get the gematria stuff and numerology symbolism much, but I just remember the basic numbers symbols.

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Written by Fifi Leigh

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