Love Is Everywhere


The claim that love is everywhere is one of the best to use it in the media. “Puppy Love” featuring the famous Clydesdales horses and the eternal theme of love that can be found everywhere and how it can change life has been made to achieve great success and profit. This video has immediately become the most popular Super Bowl commercial of all times. I think I also have seen a discussion on this topic at on the blog. The fact that the advertisement has become a real outbreak in the sphere of this year’s commercials for the Super Bowl is supported by the voting results that show a great popularity of the video among all the watchers and real fans who voted for the “Puppy Love” commercial. The main purpose of the paper is to study and analyze the idea of universal love that is present everywhere in the world within the newest commercial of Budweiser.

Budweiser is a brand that has become associated with the Super Bowl due to the users. The key reason for its popularity and positive widespread image is that it has become the best advertiser during the period of cooperation with the Super Bowl, creating a strong association with animal images that were usually used in the series of the product commercials. The last success came to the company with the presentation of the “Puppy Love” commercial that tells the story of the puppy’s  emotional connection with the horse. When the puppy is taken from the farm, its friend follows it together with other horses. As a result, the puppy gets back with even more friends than before. This commercial has added one more page to the story of success of Budweiser because of the theme and images used in the video. The simple and clear story that anybody can understand in several minutes is a perfect solution for a positive outcome of the filming process. In addition, a strong association between the Clydesdales and the Bud was formed previously that makes it possible to concentrate on the presentation of the story without spending a lot of time on the product presentation. The connection between different elements of the video and the general mood allows the audience to get involved in the action itself and become excited about the plot of the story. There is no need to create a specific tone of placement of the product, get a serious amount of data concerning it, and give a full observation of the main idea – love is everywhere, and it can make dreams come true.

The usage of the universal and always topical issue was the main moving force of the whole process. The theme of love is close to every person on the planet, as well as the theme of pure love is the concept of world popularity. The cute presentation of pure feelings that have been developing between two friends is the perfect idea to catch the attention of a huge audience. Incidentally, the love theme is familiar to people of all ages, social statuses, groups, and views. The theme development by baby animals has made it even stronger, brighter, and purer. The atmosphere really emphasizes the plot and the main idea. One can see how the video displays the colors, poses and behavior of the main actors, as well as its impact on music and general background. All these tools in complex support the idea of the commercial. This is a perfect demonstration of the product that has become associated with positive and coherent thoughts of every individual, and, therefore, the advertisement cannot be forgotten, as well as the advertised product.

The power of the idea is extremely strong. This type of the mass media represents the power of love. That is why it has really become so popular and widespread. The fact that love is everywhere is extremely motivational and optimistic. It gets the audience out of the daily routine and reminds people about the fact that there is still a happy ending for everyone and love always wins, even if it is the puppy that has to be taken from his best friend. The point that love enlarges emotions, feelings, and views is represented by horses that support their friends. Thus, finally, the puppy gets even more friends than it has expected. The image of running horses that tried to stop the car with the puppy also represents the society and makes people feel the same warmth and compassion as the one demonstrated by the animals. This motivates people to seek for love signs everywhere in their environment, and, lastly, they do find that it is their life that is a real success.

This mood of love and the emotions that the commercial provokes also contribute to the Bud, and this product has become closely associated with warmth and comfort. The fact that the company decided to discuss the love theme in the commercial video demonstrates the general image of the organization and therefore gives additional support for the product image. The popularity of the commercial is growing as a lot of people hear about it, see articles in journals and magazines, and, consequently, want to watch the commercial to find out what was so extraordinary in the plot. In fact, the plot is simple, and even a small child will get excited while watching it. In addition, it is made with such a deeply hidden sense that every single person can see there something special and makes another strong association with the product.

The video is of excellent quality. In general, seven puppies were used in it, as well as seventeen horses took part in the filming. Each of them was taught to demonstrate the specific talent that eventually led to the desired outcome. Therefore, the perfect idea of the commercial was also supported by the professional work and attention to detail.

In conclusion, the phenomenal success of this years’ Super Bowl commercial by Budweiser Company has been marked by the series of different rates, showing that it became a real sensation. Therefore, it is extremely interesting to research the cause for their success. The factors that aimed at the positive outcome of the filming process were connected with the perfect plot, actors, professional work, attention to detail, and images used within the video. However, the key role should be given to the implementation of the idea that love is everywhere and the perfect usage of the media to reach the minds and hearts of the viewers. The thought that is clear and easy to understand can become a real sensation using by the media as it has a limitless impact on the audience. The usage of such an idea that is familiar and close to everyone has been a perfect decision on the issue, and the commercial has achieved the final success, becoming one of the most popular commercials of the year.


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Written by Kelly Bright