Lockdown Memories Via Walking Meetup

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Today, I had two meetups. The first one was a virtual networking meetup on Zoom. The second one was a walking meetup at Turtle Rock. 10 people signed up, and I was on a waiting list. But by afternoon, half of the dropped out for some reason. So, I was in. Only 6 went on the meetup, but 1 woman quit after a little while. It was a good walk, although mostly uphill, but I felt quite energized. At the end, I noticed I walked 5 miles, 10,687 steps, and 12 floors. I wonder how many calories I lost. I noticed more painted rocks, left by light posts, which was kind like easter egg scavenger hunt, although I wasn’t looking for anything. I think kids are doing this in their house arrest boredom. 

Back home, I made a green smoothie and I ate a small snack. 


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