Insights on Mercury Retrograde for 1.14.22

Insights on Mercury Retrograde for 1.14.22

Friday, January 14, 2022

Today is Mercury Retrograde. I felt early dementia during the afternoon. I kept misplacing things at home, but I eventually found the things. And, when I went to the walking meetup, I went ahead with another woman because we wanted to walk fast, and the others were too slow. But we arrived by this one loop, I forgot that we already did it, actually when the sky still light, and we ended up walking it again. As we walked it again, we realized we already did it because we remember two airplanes were making a large X in the sky at this one area. So, I decided to take a shortcut back to the Woodbridge Village Center. Then, we started walking the second lake and calling the others, and we met at the beginning area of the second lake. We walked to the parking lot together. But we still walked good. 4.3 miles and 10,837 steps. I need to do housework tomorrow, as well as color my roots again. So, I will do my home spa on Saturday, and lots of cleaning. But my morning workout at the gym went well.

4th and 5th dimension involves ascension in thoughts. Detach from the 3rd dimension crap going on, watching it like it is some kind of joke. If detached from the 3rd dimension, you will still be living in that dimension, but the shit going on will not likely affect you because your mind has ascended into the 4th or 5th dimension. You will be disconnected from others. The ascension is energetic intellectually. Everything will be changed, and you will not be interested in old ways and old things. You will start to see changes around you, and you will change, as well.

Microdosing? I have never done drugs.

Mercury retrograde goes backwards and slows down things. This afternoon and evening, I was forgetting things that slowed me down, but I eventually moved through it. Thank God, nothing bad happened.

Age doesn’t mean anything. It is all about the soul experiencing things. At the other realm, there is no aging. Everyone there is one age.

Generational curses happen through sins of father or one side of the family has been cursed by someone. Pray to God for constant removal of these curses.

The Anti-Christ comes in the name of love, and WE ARE ALL ONE, which is likely during the New World Order and One World Order.

The Sophia Code

Joe Rogen and Anton Levay picture, making the devil horns?

Exes might come back. Take your time and be careful as you do things.


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