Insights 9.7.21

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

At 1 pm, I dropped off my UGG clogs at the local shoe repair shop because the wooden heels are wearing out, even though the rest of the shoes look new and very clean. They told me to pick it up and pay for it on Friday, in the afternoon.

Then, at 6pm, I went to another Turtle Rock walking meetup. Only 6 people showed up. I noticed it is getting dark earlier now. It is slightly cooler in the evening. But the weather is still nice. I wore my gym clothes and a tank top. It felt like endless summer nights. Afterwards, some of the decided to go out to eat at a local food restaurant, The Habit. I wasn’t that hungry. I decided to go home and make some popcorn instead.

I noticed from my iphone that I walked 3.8 miles, 9,403 steps and 10 floors. This seems off because this walk is usually around 4.5 miles and over 10,000 steps. I think the GPS might be off today.

Rose McGowan called out Hillary Clinton on Twitter today. She also called out Oprah Winfrey, who is a Luciferian child trafficker.

Actors and their weird plastic surgeries as well as drink adrenochrome from an abused child for their fountain of youth.

Wolfie Van Halen promoting the Illuminati symbolism.

Biological warfare from China?

Another lockdown soon?

There will soon be more shortages of toilet paper and paper towels?


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