Insights 9.25.21

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Gabby Petito’s eyes are questionable. MK-Ultra mind control to perform this distraction showcase for the public because there is a bigger agenda in the background.  She is just one of the crisis actors in this staged movie to brainwash the public toward the agenda. She was sold out. Brian will likely be killed later because it is a ritualistic sacrifice for the agenda. Although I believe they will both move on afterwards because they are just crisis actors doing a job to brainwash the public.

Catholics have an agenda during religious holidays.

Mercury Retrograde is September 26th, on 10:10 pm. I hope nothing crazy tomorrow because I need to find someone who will fix my Huffy flat tire. It went flat, and I need to place it in the back of my VW New Beetle, and take it to the closest place that will fix it.


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