Insights 9.17.20

Thursday, September 17, 2020

California on wildfire alert, where nature and wildlife being destroyed.

Spiritual War, where everything was intentionally concocted to mess with public’s mind. Satanism and Luciferian rituals to mind control the masses into slavery. The Vatican has its own zip code and considered to be its own country. And, by the way, so is the Buckingham Palace. It isn’t considered a part of London. It has its own zip code.

Medical industry forcefully keeps people on drugs for mind control like slaves, regardless if the person really needs it.

For panic attacks, it is better to move and get active, exercising, rather than taking drugs. Do cardio exercise, such as treadmill, kickboxing, aerobics, etc.

Virgos are kinky and anal.

Aries is sexually wild.

Geminis—would talk a lot to get out of sex.

Cancer is a stalker.

Leos—is all about being showy.

Libras wants to make you happy.

Scorpio is wild.

Aquarius don’t really know where they are. Always moving around.

Pisces are into drugs and alcohol.

Sagittarius wants to have fun.

Chinese apples?

Charlie Sheen is into kiddie porn, which was in his divorce papers. I remember Denise Richards was trying to expose him doing something to their young daughters, which is probably why she divorced him.


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