Insights 8.7.22

Sunday, August 7, 2022

Mushrooms the drug is a living entity inside one’s body? takes over people’s body and makes them do certain actions.

When someone in the family will not talk to you, then they have done something to you secretly.

Jesuit Occultism?

Energy parasite lowers your vibrations. People with low vibrations lowers your vibrations by being around them. Addicts are parasitic—they suck your energy.

Hoarding is an energetic mental illness.

Set your boundaries.

Bipolar is like depression.

Amber Heard is a High Priestess, and that stupid trial was a form of distraction. It was so comedic, filled with crazy characters, especially on her team–Elaine, that shrink who acts like a mental patient, and the rest of the actors team, who did an entertaining job although they sucked at their actual role they were supposed to portray. They do dark rituals to elevate themselves for power, money, prestige, and their career. young girls who want to make it in Hollywood, go to these dark cult parties to eat her pussy. Dark cult black magick tricks to get what they want.


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