Insights 8.30.21

Monday, August 30, 2021

Chrysanthemum stone is a fertility stone. It might bring good luck for people who have fertility issues, as well as for confidence, harmony, life purpose, and calmness.

Obsidian, jade, amber, selenite, and other stones…

The vaccines are a part of the depopulation agenda to reduce the population via the pretense of a deadly flu, which isn’t really deadly unless maybe you might have other issues and weak immunity. That is why they are forcing people to get the vaccine, which includes giving out free incentive for the vaccinated.

Robert David Steele died today because he called covid a ‘hoax’ and he didn’t want to get the vaccine. He suddenly got covid and died today. What a coincidence. Robert David Steele was a former CIA, and he has been exposing the truth for a while now…until now to silence him for going against their covid agenda.

80% who get the Brazilian Butt-lift will die.

The government pushes alcohol and drugs on the public because it opens a portal so that people can easily be demonized and/or controlled.

Lots of people who have died seem to have had blood clotting in the brain, whether from one of the vaccines or whatever happened to create the blood clotting.


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