Insights 8.25.23

Men in black suits on the astral level? Similar to the movie, Adjustment Bureau, starring Matt Damon.

Sins of the parents passes on to the kids, like a curse, and the kid has to break it to move on. It is a binding soul contract.

I have noticed these days that everyone is talking about living in the present moment because focusing all of one’s energy on the present moment. Forgot about the past and don’t think about the future. All that matter is that present moment each day.

Timeline changes are dimensional. People are being forced into different timelines by slowing people down and making people feel stuck. It has to do with the Spiritual War.

 Raise vibration by pray, exercise in nature, and ask before bedtime; also eat healthy and be positive. 

Meanwhile, Canada is experiencing its worse and largest wildfire in history. This wildfire is destroying the forests there. 

I took a break from my computer to go on a local walking meetup. The Woodbridge Village Community Center had an outdoor movie for kids, this evening. They were getting ready to show the movie, Minions, and they had some activities about the movie, including someone dressed in a Minion costume, taking selfies with kids, as well as a selfie Minion wall. Seven people showed up for the walking meetup. I noticed that the weather was cooling down for autumn season. I ended up walking 4.3 miles and 12,316 steps.


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