Insights 8.24.23

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Don’t show your weakness to anyone, or they will use it against you to get what they want.

Put yourself first and take care of yourself, before you care for others because you have one body, mind and soul. Stay healthy, enjoy your life, and take care of your responsibilities.

Rats chew on electrical wires.

They weighed Trump in jail. People with money don’t really go to jail. They are privileged and above the law, even though still corrupt criminals. Trump has strawberry blonde hair, which is why they call him “Orange Man.” Now, he will wear an orange jumpsuit, and he will be monochromatic orange from head to toe.

Missing kids in Hawaii because of that manmade disaster via D.E.W for land grab. Maybe Oprah took them for child trafficking, like what she is doing to the orphans in Africa.

Britney Spears’ divorce? Her younger husband Sam is gay and probably her handler. Her father is sick, near death.

Salem witch trials about using natural medicine and midwives to heal your body and live healthy, and do everything naturally.

Colonoscopy is creepy. Sticking a camera up one’s ass?

Jamie Lee Curtis is Hermaphrodite.

Virgo is in retrograde right now.

Madonna looks weird.


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