Insights 8.18.23

Friday, August 18, 2023

Hawaii disaster was manmade to segregate people and land grab. Oprah is now in Maui, probably to sex-trafficking kids.

Democrats and Republicans are the same garbage, working for the same elites for the same Zionist and New World Order agenda. The US government and Congress are Zionist-occupied.  No wonder nothing positive ever gets done.

Paradise, California? same thing happened like in Maui.

Maria Gonzalez, 11, was strangled to death and sexually assaulted, found under her bed.

They want to shut down the internet and social networks to delete all hashtags so that people cannot share certain information. This sounds like another form of censorship to silence people from sharing information and exposing the truth. It will feel like Internet Lockdown.

A group of organized criminal thugs have been terrorizing and destroying luxury-end stores, such as Gucci and LV, to steal specific items, before running out into moving vehicles and escaping. It has been happening all over California, as well as Vancouver, Australia, and Canada. San Francisco has shut down most of their stores for protection, similar to 2020. 


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