Insights 7.31.22

Sunday, July 31, 2022

Tall earwig men appear in one’s bedroom at night?

Recession is coming soon.

Demons inside people doing triggered jobs. Maybe also MK-Ultra mind control.

Elon Musk looks translucent? Maybe a hologram or CGI version.

Everyone knows Oprah and Gail are lesbian lovers, and Steadman is Oprah’s beard. Old news.

Adam Shift, Shifty Shift with no neck? Chateau Marmont has evil sorcery vibe.

Military people are involved in MK-Ultra mind control.

Metrosexual demonic glazed look, enclosed in a glass wall to keep them untouchable. They sound robotic MK-Ultra slaves.

Chris Burroughs—first reporter to show up in Las Vegas. He saw something and he was going to expose it. but they killed him off.

Meth can last for up to one week, and it opens portals, so that demons can enter the addict.

Poppers? Slang term for chemical drugs—alkyl nitrates—which are inhaled. Also used—isoamyl nitrate, isopentyl nitrate, isopropyl nitrate. But isopropyl nitrate is banned in EU. Creates feelings of euphoria and muscle relaxation, which could lead to headache, dizziness, lightheadedness, fainting, low blood pressure, and death. Also called purple haze, rush, bold, jungle juice, liquid gold buzz, and snappers. Bought in small bottles, and when open this bottle or capsule, the liquid becomes a gas that you inhale. Also called Fist or Rock Hard as well as video head cleaner, leather cleaner, polish remover, or room deodorizer.

Drinking liquor while hiking? Crazy and can be quite dangerous.

Audible on iPhone? Covert Passive Aggressive Narcissist by Debbie Mirza.


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