insights 7.3.22

Sunday, July 3, 2022

Switching Timelines and Jumbling Timelines together by smashing them all together since 2018.

Think in high vibrations and pray to keep demons from entering your body.

Organ donators? They keep the physical beings alive in order to take their organs.

Lawsuit to the psychic because of Youtube videos?

Gaslight narcissistic behavior?

Pedophiles in society.

Raise vibrations? Connect with nature, at least 20 minutes a day. positive thoughts, healthy food, and healthy life. Eat, drink, shop, and other addictions in moderation. But drugs and liquor open a portal for demons to enter. Keep body very clean. Think positive thoughts about yourself. Laugh at everything because laughing raises vibrations.

Jean Luc Bernell disappeared in his jail cell, similar to Jeffrey Epstein.

Black heart? Dead inside.

People who talk in contradicting manner, and often hunched over and slouching. They have a sneaky look in their eyes, and gossiping about certain people. Body language and talking about exes.

Set boundaries. Get a pet. Be grateful. Be kind to others. Have fun and enjoy your life. Use your instinct.

Ignore TV, US Zionist-occupied government, and any lawsuits.

Tomorrow is July 4th in USA; I am not sure what I will do, maybe go to the gym, and then wash my car. 

I added a snapshot of cool pink clouds and golden sunset during one of the evening Woodbridge walking meetups. 


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