insights 7.28.22

Thursday, July 28, 2022

New Moon in Leo at 10:55 am. Jupiter Retrograde in Aries but moving into Pisces. World economy? August 1st—three planets come together. August 8th—Lion’s Gate Portal opens.

Pick a card…for next 7 days

1—property far from you to sell by family. Disagreements about selling or not, or live in the location. End of a cycle. A female wants to keep the property to make money. Unexpected sudden news about work, what kind of work, and coming from someone didn’t expect. Get information about job or work about something you dreamt of, and it is coming back to you. Not happy with current work. You will do something you have always wanted to do. Male child spying on them for ex-partner, and ex-partner will use the information against you.

2—watch people you talk to and how you talk to them because you might not understand what they are say. There might be some confusion. You might not get enough information to make a decision. Upset because of a third-party situation? They are lying. There is a gain. Water-sign child bring in crazy information? Pregnant?

3—romance? Sudden, unexpected meeting and attraction to an opposite sex. It will shock you, even in menopause. Sexual magnetic energy? Making decisions to improve yourself. Change something in your looks to attract something different in your life. This person is different from you usually meet. Bring consistency into your life.

Lion’s Gate Portal—meditate carefully when manifesting. They will trick people to go through a slow portal, toward a different direction.

Kat Von D?

Avril Lavigne?

The bible has been tampered with many times. And the Georgia Guidestones have been erased and destroyed.

The beast system are Luciferians.


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