Insights 7.25.22

Monday, July 25, 2022

I put $40-dollars gasoline into my VW New Beetle today. The gas prices were down to $5.759 for 6.946 gallons.

Infrared sauna for lymphatic massage? Acupuncture?

Beards, such as the wives of Tom Cruise…

New Moon in Leo on July 28th, 10:55am. Jupiter Retrograde on the New Moon. On August 1st, sudden unexpected things happen in conjunction with other planets? Many portals will open up…there will be a global event…eclipse energy…stock market collapse…economic collapse…water, metals, ground and earth, and people will be pushed toward a particular direction. Time warp? People in the astral level are attacking? (astral level is the dimension is directly above earth’s dimension, which is 3rd dimension. People on earth are trying to elevate to the 5th dimension). Meth takes you to Hell and opens portals so demons can enter. Heroine addicts get lazy demons entering into their portals. Mushrooms have their own entities in them. Drugs put people into a delusional state.

Chakka tea open up the 3rd eye.

To elevate yourself, you need to be grounded in the physical. In the middle of the Spiritual War, you need to be aware.

They will start pushing masks again based on the new flu, monkeypox, as well as pushing vaccines for monkeypox this time. People need to band together and say NO to masks, vaccine, lockdown, and whatever they push next on the public, such as saying NO to Gavin Newsom for US President. Big crowded cities, like LA, NYC, London, Paris, etc, will experience this the most. But this is a Global Agenda for the NWO and ONE World GOVT; hence, One World Lockdown was an experiment on the whole earth to show people how it will be in the NWO. 


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